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BIKECAT – Cycling in Girona, Girona – Girona

BIKECAT - Cycling in Girona, Agència de tours esportius en Girona, Girona

BIKECAT – Cycling in Girona es una empresa dedicada a los deportes de ciclismo en la provincia de Girona. Ubicada en Pujada de Sant Feliu, 23, 17004 Girona, ofrece una amplia variedad de servicios para los amantes de la bicicleta.

Entre los servicios que ofrece BIKECAT se encuentran: Agència de tours esportius, Servicio de alquiler de bicicletas, Tienda de bicicletas y Agencia de viajes. Además, cuenta con un aseo adaptado para sillas de ruedas, lo que lo hace accesible para todas las personas.

Con una valoración de 4.8 sobre 5, según las opiniones de 28 clientes, BIKECAT se destaca por su profesionalismo y calidad en el servicio. Su equipo de trabajo está altamente capacitado para brindar una experiencia única a sus clientes.

Si estás buscando una empresa confiable y con experiencia en el mundo del ciclismo, BIKECAT es la opción ideal. Su amplia variedad de servicios y su compromiso con la satisfacción del cliente lo convierten en una de las mejores opciones en la provincia de Girona.

Para más información, no dudes en visitar su sitio web y contactarlos a través de su número telefónico 639 82 92 72. ¡No te arrepentirás!


  • Dirección: BIKECAT – Cycling in Girona, Pujada de Sant Feliu, 23, 17004 Girona, Girona, Girona
  • Teléfono: 639 82 92 72
  • Web:
  • Especialidad: Agència de tours esportius
  • Datos importantes: Aseo adaptado para sillas de ruedas
  • Opiniones: Esta empresa tiene mas de 28 opiniones según Google Business

Llamar: 639 82 92 72



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Curtis Cook’: ★★★★★

Absolutely fantastic! My family along with our friend’s family (four teenagers in total!) cycled for 8 days in August in the road bike dreamland of Girona. Everything was planned to perfection: routes (almost no cars), local accommodations (organic farms), friendly guides and even E-bikes to keep the family together. Can not say enough how BIKECAT made it an incredible vacation.

John Krauss’: ★★★★★

BIKECAT is simply the best experience you can have. Jaume, Debbie, Jordi, and Josep are experienced riders who pace evenly. The routes are expertly crafted to bike on low traffic and high pavement quality roads. The pictures that Jaume and Debbie capture are magazine quality. The meals all had amazing food. It was my first time to Girona, and I will be back and ride with BIKECAT’

milo rusimovich’: ★★★★★

Lovely shop with the finest fleet of rental bikes so you don’t need to bring your own. I rented a bike and had 1 of their guides Josep take me on a ride. Josep delivered the bike to me as we are staying about 10 minutes out Girona. My bike was a Orbea Orca with e sifting and was like new and equipped with 2 bidons of water and a computer mount. Josep knew that i had some mobility issues due to my having a stroke a year ago as well as this was my first road bike ride since then. Despite having some difficulties getting going he stayed calm and patient and we finally got underway. He understood that I was an experienced rider and was 77 years old so we took a lovely mellow route through rolling hills with very little traffic stopping for a coffee at a lakeside cafe . I just can’t say enough about Joseph as a guide and good and caring person. Everything about Bikecat is first class as is its owner Jaune and Josep my guide.

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